In 2004, BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BRAC IED) was established as a proponent for contributing to the development of education from a holistic perspective through professional development, capacity building, skills development, training and research. The Institute aims to tap into emerging areas of development by exploring areas including early years’ learning & early childhood development, psychosocial wellbeing of stakeholders from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, adolescent mental health, Primary and Secondary education and curriculum & textbook design. Committed to building human capital from birth to age 18 by pioneering solutions and providing leadership, the institute specializes across four areas of focus:

  • Teaching and learning: Reimagining teaching and learning – in Bangladesh and the world
  • Play-based learning: Developing the whole child through play and creative expression
  • Mental health: Promoting psychosocial wellbeing for adolescents and families
  • Humanitarian response: Acting rapidly to support the world’s most vulnerable children, adolescents and their families through play based learning & mental health support

The works span research, model development, direct service delivery, program evaluation, advocacy, and capacity building. BRAC IED offers postgraduate programs and short programs for educators and leaders who share its mission of supporting children to become engaged, empathetic, and empowered individuals through education. In addition to providing direct counselling services, there are mental health experts at the institute to offer professional development opportunities to train and upskill both specialized practitioners and community members.

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