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    • Night mode face recognition using adaptively weighted sub-pattern PCA 

      Alom, Md. Zahangir; Khan, Arif; Biswas, Rubel; Khan, Mumit (© 2012 IEEE, 2012)
      The face recognition problem is made difficult by the great variability in head rotation and tilt, lighting intensity and angle, facial expression, aging, partial occlusion (e.g. Wearing Hats, scarves, glasses etc.), etc. ...
    • Night mode prohibitory traffic signs detection 

      Biswas, Rubel; Khan, Arif; Khan, Mumit; Alom, Md. Zahangir (© 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2013)
      Prohibitory traffic signs play an important role in guiding, warning and regulating traffic system. As driving over the speed limit is often the major cause of accidents, detecting this group of prohibitory signs may reduce ...