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  • 2019 Fall

    Keywords: Urban design, Tejgaon, Design with and by the people, Context-specific design solution
  • 2019 Spring

    Keywords: Informal settlement, Community based approach, Low-cost housing, Urban design, Public space
  • 2020 Spring

    Keywords: Context and complexity, Urban morphology, Space Identity, People-centric approach
  • 2021 Spring

    Keywords: Urban Design, Place Identity, Town Hall, Community Space, Public Space, Mohammadpur, Covid 19, Social Distancing
  • 2021 Summer

    Keywords: Urban Design, Built form, Conservation, Social amenity
  • 2022 Fall

    Keywords: Neighbourhood, Place Identity, Human-Scale Development, Urban Design
  • 2022 Spring

    Keywords: Transit oriented development, MRT station, Neighborhood redevelopment, Climate
  • 2022 Summer

    Keywords: Water urbanism, Human-scale development, Shitalkha river, Narayanganj

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