Collections in this community

  • 2019 Spring

    Keywords: Creative learning, Elementary school, Community club, Interaction, Traditional spatial pattern, Climate responsiveness
  • 2019 Summer

    Keywords: Functional integration, Commercial bank, Bus terminal, Accessibility
  • 2020 Fall

    Keywords: Sustainable architecture, Pandemic responsive design, Child friendly environment, Child friendly spatial design
  • 2020 Spring

    Keywords: Design principles, Spatial quality, Pedestrian and vehicular virculation, Climatic considerations
  • 2021 Fall

    Keywords: Vehicular circulation, Pedestrian
  • 2021 Spring

    Keywords: Design Principles, Site Force, Form and Space, Pedestrian and Vehicular Circulations.
  • 2022 Fall

    Keywords: Functional Flow, Functional Relationship, Building Formation
  • 2022 Spring

    Keywords: Vehicular circulation, Pedestrian, Covid19, Residence, Drive-through, Climate
  • 2022 Summer

    Keywords: Context, Residence, Filling station
  • 2023 Fall

    Keywords: Learning Environment, Drive through Cafe, Public Building, Form and Structure, Architectural Model
  • 2023 Spring

    Keywords: Form, Function, Climate, Context, Residential facilities
  • 2023 Summer

    Keywords: Function, Parking, Pedestrian circulation, Vehicular circulation, Form