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  • An Arab EFL context: does variance in anxiety and motivation across gender impact language attainment? 

    Mathew, Priya; Job, Liz Mundakkal; Al Damen, Tareq; Islam, Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul (© 2013 Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture, 2013-06)
    This study proposes to investigate whether mixed classes are a de-motivating influence and increase anxiety levels and causes variance in performance between males and females. The researchers’ observation and documentary ...
  • Comparison of temporal disaggregation techniques in the case of export of Bangladesh 

    Islam, Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul (© 2013 International Journal of Applied Research and Studies (IJARS), 2013-11)
    Export plays very an import role in the economy of Bangladesh. We have tested four methods of disaggregation of which one is Boot, Feibes and Lisman (BFL) method mathematical based method. Other three are regression based ...
  • Analysis of Japan‘s economy (based on 2014) from macroeconomics prospects 

    Islam, Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul (© 2015 International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research (IJSTR), 2015-02)
    Japan is the world‘s third largest economy. But currently economic situations of Japan are not stable. It is not increasing as expected. Since 2013 it was world second largest economy but Japan loosed its placed to China ...
  • A simple study on weight and height of students 

    Islam, Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul; Bin Shafique, Md. Ishraque; Rahman, Md. Kowshikur; Haque, Md. Arafat (© 2017 European Scientific Institute, ESI, 2017-02)
    This study was conducted on a group of male and female students of age range of 18-25 years. In this paper it is tried to find out a correlation between height and weight of male and female students. Then the simple ...
  • Evaluation of different temporal disaggregation techniques and an application to Italian GDP 

    Islam, Mohammad Rafiqul (BRAC University, 2009)
    In this paper temporally disaggregation is conducted through regression-based models, namely by Chow-Lin (1971) and Fernandez (1981). The disaggregation is carried out using four GDP series of Italy, collecting data from ...