Recent Submissions

  • Changing global policy to deliver safe, equitable, and affordable care for women's cancers 

    Ginsburg, Ophira M.; Badwe, Rajendra A.; Peter A. Boyle, Peter; Derricks, Gemma; Dare, Anna J.; Evans, Timothy Grant; Eniu, Alexandru E.; Jiménez, Jorge C.Moreno; Kutluk, Tezer M.; De Lima Lopes, Gilberto L.; Mohammed, Sulma Ibrahim; Qiao, Youlin; Rashid, Sabina Faiz; Summers, Diane; Sarfati, Diana; Temmerman, Marleen I.L.; Trimble, Edward Lloyd; Padela, Aasim; Aggarwal, Ajay; Sullivan, Richard (© 2017 Lancet Publishing Group, 2017-02-25)
    Breast and cervical cancer are major threats to the health of women globally, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries. Radical progress to close the global cancer divide for women requires not only evidence-based ...
  • Explaining equity gains in child survival in Bangladesh: scale, speed, and selectivity in health and development 

    Adams, Alayne M; Rabbani, Atonu; Ahmed, Shamim; Mahmood, Shehrin Shaila; Al-Sabir, Ahmed; Rashid, Sabina F; Evans, Timothy G (© 2013 The Lancet, 2013)
    By disaggregating gains in child health in Bangladesh over the past several decades, signifi cant improvements in gender and socioeconomic inequities have been revealed. With the use of a social determinants of health ...