Recent Submissions

  • Inference of genetic networks using multi-objective hybrid SPEA2+ from microarray data 

    Showkat, Dilruba; Kabir, Mitra Lutful (© 2013 IEEE, 2013-07)
    Multi-objective optimization plays a significant role in optimizing many real life problems, where we desire to optimize more than one objective. Numerous multi-objective optimization algorithm exists in research. NSGA-II ...
  • Reconstructing gene regulatory network with enhanced particle swarm optimization 

    Sultana, Rezwana; Showkat, Dilruba; Samiullah, Md.; Chowdhury, Ahsan Raja Aja (© 2014 Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014)
    Inferring regulations among the genes is a well-known and significantly important problem in systems biology for revealing the fundamental cellular processes. Although computational models can be used as tools to extract ...