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dc.contributor.authorSayeed, Mohammed Aktar
dc.contributor.authorHasan, S. M. Raquibul
dc.contributor.authorRana, Md Sohel
dc.identifier.citationSayeed, M. A., Hasan, S. M. R., & Rana, M. S. (2011). In vitro study on interaction of ketotifen fumarate with metformin hydrochloride. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 30(1), 189en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in Latin American Journal of Pharmacy [© 2011 Latin American Journal of Pharmacy] and the definite version is available at:
dc.description.abstractThe present study was designed to study the in vitro interaction of ketotifen fumarate and metformin hydrochloride in aqueous media at different pH values using Job's continuous-variation analysis and Ardon's spectrophotomeric measurement. Job's analysis indicated the formation of 1:1 complex between ketotifen fumarate and metformin hydrochloride at the studied pH values. On the other hand, the values of stability constants (between negative values and 1), as calculated from Ardon's plot, mean that the formation of complex due to interaction between the drugs is readily dissociable. Thus the findings of the study suggest that both drugs can be safely co-administered. However, further studies involving animal models are needed to ascertain the exact nature of interaction between them in vivo.en_US
dc.publisher© 2011 Latin American Journal of Pharmacyen_US
dc.subjectArdon's mehoden_US
dc.subjectJob's methoden_US
dc.subjectStability constanten_US
dc.titleIn vitro study on interaction of ketotifen fumarate with metformin hydrochlorideen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Pharmacy, BRAC University

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