Recent Submissions

  • Automated intruder detection from image sequences using minimum volume sets 

    Ahmed, Tarem; Wei, Xianglin; Ahmed, Supriyo Sabbir; Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (© 2012 International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security, 2012)
    We propose a new algorithm based on machine learning techniques for automatic intruder detection in visual surveillance networks. The proposed algorithm is theoretically founded on the concept of Minimum Volume Sets. Through ...
  • Efficient and effective automated surveillance agents using kernel tricks 

    Ahmed, Tarem; Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan; Ahmed, Supriyo Sabbir; Wei, Xianglin (© 2012 The Society for Modeling and Simulation International., 2012)
    Many schemes have been presented over the years to develop automated visual surveillance systems. However, these schemes typically need custom equipment, or involve significant complexity and storage requirements. In this ...
  • Automated surveillance in distributed, visual networks: an empirical comparison of recent algorithms 

    Ahmed, Tarem; Ahmed, Supriyo Sabbir; Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (© 2014 Science and Engineering Research Support Society, 2014)
    A number of algorithms have been recently proposed for automatic intruder detection from CCTV images. Past researchers have typically tested these algorithms on centralized networks where all images are transmitted to a ...