Recent Submissions

  • Automated solar tracking system for increasing solar irradiance capture to improve power generation 

    Tarafder, Arnob; Abrar, Mohammad Mahir; Mondol, Md. Arefeen; Chowdhury, Niloy Roy (Brac University, 2022-12)
    Numerous nations are investing in renewable and sustainable energy systems in response to the global issue in the production of fuel-based energy. Improving the power conversion efficiency of solar panels has become a ...
  • Smart hydroponic system 

    Rahut, Saikat; Sadia, Nowshin; Nipa, Azmin Akter; Rahman, Rokaia (Brac University, 2023-02)
    Agriculture is the key of our countries development and hydroponic system has added up a new scope on that development. Hydroponic system is a new addition of the agriculture industry which has created an immensely enhancement ...
  • Hybrid power sharing system of grid and solar photovoltaic using microcontroller 

    Rayhan, Mohammad Naib; Rahman, Taifur; Rahman, Habibur; Sayeed, Saif (Brac University, 2022-01)
    This project focuses on the rising demand for electricity in Bangladesh and what can be done to meet the rising demands by sharing Solar power with the national grid, thus reducing dependence on the grid. In the context ...
  • A highly efficient solar powered IoT based irrigation system 

    Khan, Farhan Hasin; Arefin, Irfanul; Ayon, Rafid Areman; Efty, Tasnimul Hasan (Brac University, 2022-01)
  • Automatic motorbike accident detection and notification system 

    Siam, S.M. Kayser Mehbub; Sumaiya, Khadiza Islam; Amin, Md. Rakib Al; Turjo, Tamim Hasan (Brac University, 2022-05)
  • Covid-19 automatic indoor safety control through mask, temperature and distance monitoring 

    Nehal, Md. Ashfak Haider; Islam, Tanjila; Jim, Abu Bakar Siddik; Fuad, Md. Tanvir (Brac University, 2022-04)
  • Implementing smart bus stand to reduce local transportation risks for passengers in Dhaka city 

    Khan, Md. Asif Imran; Kawlam, Salamun; Nayeem, Md Jannatul; Quadir, Rezwan UL (Brac University, 2021)
  • Implementation of Li-Fi based home automation system 

    Rahman, Tareq; Refat, Rafiul Islam; Ahmed, Faiyaz (Brac University, 2022-01)
  • Design and implementation of a crop health monitoring system 

    Kabir, Mashrur; Roy, Pranta; Labonnya, Sheikh Sabikun Naher; Hussain, Ashrar Ibne; Islam, Md. Ferdous (Brac University, 2023)
    This scholarly work aims to present an innovative Quadcopter Drone Crop Monitoring System that addresses the challenges faced by farmers in monitoring and managing their crops. The system integrates quadcopter drones, ...
  • Design of charge controller for solar PV systems 

    Jawad, Abdullah Al; Islam, MD. Moazzul; Sijan, S M Shahriar Kabir; Liya, Rajia Jannat; Nahar, Laila Khairun (Brac University, 2023-04)
    The purpose of this project is to develop a low-cost, efficient solar charge controller. The system utilizes the use of Solar PV system more effectively by increasing the battery life.With a battery rated at 9A, the charge ...
  • Four way effective traffic management system 

    Mehraj, Fahad Sharif; Humayun, Samin Bin; Hossain, Md. Shafayet; Addree, Asfi Adrin (Brac University, 2023-04)
    This study presents a comprehensive approach to developing an effective traffic management system for a four-way intersection. To optimize traffic flow and alleviate congestion, the system incorporates fuzzy logic, image ...
  • Design and implementation of an appropriate motor controller to improve the range of an e-bike 

    Ridwan, Rafid; Oishi, Fariha Tabassum; Sadab, Md. Shahed; Rafid, Md. (Brac University, 2023-04)
    According to statistics, riders want to use their electric bicycles for longer trips but are constrained by their batteries' short lifespan. Nowadays electric bicycles can be modified with many different electrical ...
  • Design and implementation of smart waste bin for office place 

    Haque, Md Fuad Fahimul; Monon, Seeam; Rahman, Tasnia; Rashid, MD Naimur (Brac University, 2023-04)
    The goal of this project is to create a smart bin that will enhance office space waste management systems by maintaining a clean office environment. A dual compartment design has been adopted - one for disposable and one ...
  • Cow health monitoring and disease detection 

    Ahmed, Safayet; Niloy, Tanjim Rahman; Hossain, Md Sazzad; Hossain, Khelafat; Shams, Kazi Ananda (Brac University, 2023-05)
    This abstract presents an IoT based Cow Health Monitoring and Disease Detection. The system uses different sensors to monitor cow health parameters. Moreover, the health parameters data is then transmitted to IoT analytics ...
  • A comparative study of listen before talk categories using machine learning 

    Adhikari, Rudra Lal (Brac University, 2023-04)
    The cellular industry is seeking solutions to efficiently utilize the available spectrum band due to the rapid growth of wireless traffic and technological advancements. One potential solution that has gained attention ...
  • Feasibility analysis of gesture recognition based human wearable electronic accessories 

    Taki, Khan Sakib Nur; Tonny, Jannatul Ferdous; Nahin, S.H.M (Brac University, 2022-11)
    The Oximeter is commonly used on the finger tips for better analysis of the oxygen saturation on the blood. Still there are some errors to be aware of during the scans. It has a tendency to be accuracy 90% of the time. ...
  • Implementation of a GSM based smart energy meter 

    Rahman, Mahfuzur (Brac University, 2022-08)
    Traditional energy meter needs manual effort to collect the energy usage data from households and then the bill is sent to the customers at the end of the month. This process may lead to possible human errors. To increase ...
  • Design of a Smart Agri-voltaic system for irrigation purposes considering major crops 

    Hossain, Shoheb Abul; Ahmad, Kasshaf; Hossain, Md. Tamzid; Ariya, Afia Raidah (Brac University, 2022)
    Products and farming equipment’s are continually being upgraded. In Bangladesh, physical labor is used primarily in farming. Here, automated farming has not yet been implemented. Our initiative aims to implement a ...
  • Fault analysis in solar photovoltaic arrays 

    Nunneh, Bill N. (Brac University, 2023-01)
    " Finding faults and partial shadow conditions are the key challenges for photovoltaic (PV) system. Furthermore, by being aware of how many broken modules and strings there are, the power loss can be averted. Some studies ...
  • Smart energy monitoring system and optimization of energy consumption 

    Sarkar, Arnab; Ahmed, Baizid; Tuhin, Md. Momenul Islam; Rahman, Mahfuzur (Brac University, 2022-09)
    "We now place a high importance on energy efficiency, especially in light of the impending depletion of fossil resources. One way to accomplish this would be to utilize modern devices to monitor how much energy each room ...

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