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  • Revisiting the child health-wealth nexus 

    Fakir, Adnan M. S. (© 2016 The Author(s)., 2016-04)
    The causal link between a household’s economic standing and child health is known to suffer from endogeneity. While past studies have exemplified the causal link to be small, albeit statistically significant, this paper ...
  • The comparative effect of corruption and piketty’s second fundamental law of capitalism on inequality 

    Fakir, Adnan M.S.; Ahmad, Azraf Uddin; Hosain, K M Masnun; Gani, Ridhim Sadman; Hossain, Mostafa Rafid (2016)
    We aim to investigate the comparative effects of corruption and the second fundamental law of capitalism as proposed by Thomas Piketty on the level of inequality in a nation. We hypothesize that corruption, which can be ...
  • A framework for balancing MFI regulation 

    Fakir, Adnan M.S. (© 2015 International Journal of Business and Management Study, 2015-04)
    Private investments for Microfinance are a major fuel for its growth. Inadvertently, the role of the MFI regulatory body in inducing private investments remains a conspicuous issue. The paper aims to provide basic building ...
  • The endogeneity of domestic violence: understanding women empowerment through autonomy 

    Fakir, Adnan M.S.; Anjum, Anika; Bushra, Fabiha; Nawar, Nabilah (© 2016 Elsevier Ltd., 2016-10)
    Women’s autonomy is known to incite intimate partner violence (IPV) in developing countries. We argue for the endogeneity of women’s autonomy with IPV, which is often ignored in the existing literature, for understanding ...
  • Determinants of malnutrition among urban slum children in Bangladesh 

    Fakir, Adnan M S; Khan, M. Wasiqur Rahman
    Background: This paper analyzes the role of child, maternal and household variables on weight-for-age nutritional status of children in the largest urban slum of Bangladesh. Methods: We use anthropometric weight-for-age ...