Recent Submissions

  • Nano satellite: a new journey towards space science for Bangladesh 

    Md. Khalilur, Rhaman; Shakil, Shifur Rahman; Tarannum, Narzu (© 2016 Istanbul Technical University, 2016)
  • Eagle i-Bot: an eye-controlled system 

    Md Khalilur, Rhaman; Meem, Mohona Gazi; Afrin, Onindita; Hassan, Md. Mahabub; Bhuiyan, Farazul Haque (© International Organization Of Scientific Research (IOSR), 2012-12)
    Hundreds of millions of people in the world are hand impaired in some way, and for many, there is no absolute solution. Operation of computers by physically disabled people; especially with hand impairment was quite ...
  • Recurrent neural network classifier for three layer conceptual network and performance evaluation 

    Md. Khalilur, Rhaman; Endo, Tsutomu (© 2010 ACADEMY PUBLISHER, 2010-01)
    Natural language has traditionally been handled using symbolic computation and recursive processes. Classification of natural language by using neural network is a hard problem. Past few years several recurrent neural network ...