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dc.contributor.authorNewaz, Mohammad Tanvi
dc.contributor.authorZaman, Kanij Fatama
dc.identifier.citationNewaz, M. T., & Zaman, K. F. (2012). Work-life balance: Is it still a new concept in private commercial banking sector of Bangladesh? International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 1(2), 57–66.
dc.identifier.issn2243-7789 (online)
dc.identifier.issn2243-7770 (print)
dc.descriptionThis article was published in International Journal of Research Studies in Management [© 2012 Consortia Academia Publishing] and the definite version is available at : The journal website is at: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Philippines Licenseen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper represents the current scenario of work-life balance in private commercial banks of Bangladesh which indicates a pessimistic approach has been adopted by the management. Apart from the multinational banks, most of the national banks are not aware of this concept and hardly have any policy regarding the work-life balance issues. At this moment, different socio-economic barriers and lack of human right awareness may support the management for not taking this issue seriously. However, if they want to achieve their business objectives through the development of the human resource then there is no alternative to develop the working lives of their workforce. This paper recommends management should consider the nature of business and background of employees they have employed and customize their policies with the participation of the employees. This paper also discusses some other recommendations considering the perspectives of both parties as well as the perspectives of Bangladesh.en_US
dc.publisher© 2012 Consortia Academia Publishingen_US
dc.subjectWork-life balanceen_US
dc.subjectWork-life conflicten_US
dc.subjectPrivate commercial banken_US
dc.subjectBangladeshi banking sectoren_US
dc.subjectFlexible working scheduleen_US
dc.titleWork-life balance: is it still a new concept in private commercial banking sector of Bangladesh?en_US

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