Recent Submissions

  • In support of urban adaptation: a participatory assessment process for secondary cities in Vietnam and Bangladesh 

    Rahman, Mohammad Aminur; McEvoy, Darryn; Ahmed, Iftekhar; Trundle, Alexei; Sang, Le Thanh; Diem, Nguyen Ngoc; Suu, Lam Thi Thu; Quoc, Tran Ba; Mallick, Fuad Hassan; Rahman, Rezaur; Mukherjee, Nandan; Nishat, Ainun (© 1996 Taylor & Francis Online, 2014-02-26)
    Vietnam and Bangladesh are countries already impacted by weather-related extreme events. Scientific modelling projections indicate that climate change, and changes to climate variability, will increase risks for both ...
  • Disaster management and development in Bangladesh: education perspective 

    Rahman, Mohammad Aminur; Mallick, Fuad Hassan (© 2009 Published by Research Publishing Services., 2009)
    Natural disasters are considered as an impediment to development. The consequences of disasters may stop or slow down the development both locally and globally.While disasters are a threat to sustainable development, ...
  • Reducing the health effect of natural hazards in Bangladesh 

    Rahman, Mohammad Aminur; Mallick, Fuad Hassan; Cash, Richard A; Halder, Shantana R; Husain, Mushtuq; Islam, Md Sirajul; May, Maria A; Rahman, Mahmudur (© 2013 Published by Elsevier Inc., 2013-11)
    Bangladesh, with a population of 151 million people, is a country that is particularly prone to natural disasters: 26% of the population are affected by cyclones and 70% live in flood-prone regions. Mortality and morbidity ...