In 2004, BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH) was founded to address the unmet public health challenges particular to Asia, Africa and South America. The School applies an interdisciplinary integration that consists of Education, Training, Research and Advocacy to diverse health challenges. Multidisciplinary in approach and method, BRAC JPGSPH's research practice investigates critical and emerging developing country health needs to identify evidence based solutions under the five Centres of Excellence: (1) Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (established in 2008), (2) Health Systems and Universal Health Coverage (established in 2012), (3) Urban Equity and Health (established in 2013), (4) Science of Implementation & Scale-up (established in 2016) and (5) Non-communicable Diseases and Nutrition (established in 2017).

The School draws from Bangladesh’s remarkable public health achievements as well as BRAC Health’s nationwide services and BRAC International’s Health programmes in South Asia and Africa. BRAC JPGSPH offers unparalleled real-life, community-centric teaching, learning and research experiences on critical and emerging national and global public health challenges such as, Maternal & Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Gender Equity, Sanitation, Non-communicable Diseases, Urbanisation and Climate Change including qualitative research, surveys and impact studies on Rohingya refugees.

The School has national and international partners for policy and advocacy to create pathways for public health to improve on a governmental or regulatory front including identifying policy barriers and solutions with tailored advocacy strategy. The School hosts Bangladesh Health Watch, an influential civil society initiative established in 2006 with the objective of monitoring Bangladesh's progress towards achievement of the goal of good health for all its citizens.

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