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  • Reforming a community to serve the underserved: ESP modules for midwifery course at BRAC University 

    Islam, Mohammad Aminul; Mohiuddin, Mohammad Golam (@ 2015 ULAB, 2015-12)
    This paper examines the impact of an ESP course designed by BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL) for midwives to develop their English language skills, and to develop them professionally. The course is expected to reform ...
  • MOOC mania: implications and collaboration for english language teachers 

    Miraj, Asek Amin; Islam, Mohammad Aminul (@ 2015 ULAB, 2015-12)
    In today's Internet ridden world e-learning is one of the crucial parts of modern education. This way of learning is surprisingly diverse but shares a predictable common denominator. Technology’s transformative power ...
  • Journal writing: a silent kit for writing skills 

    Chowdhury, Samina Nasrin; Islam, Mohammad Aminul (@ 2011 Horizon, Department of English, University of Chittagong, 2011)
    This article explores how dialogue journals can be used as a silent kit to improve writing skill. Sixty-five primary school teachers with limited English proficiency wrote dialogue journals in a teachers-training course ...
  • Teaching english through mobile phone: bridging teachers and students in distance learning 

    Miraj, Asek Amin; Islam, Mohammad Aminul (@ 2014 International Asia TEFL Conference., 2014-08-30)
    Managing English classes in Bangladesh like many other developing countries is difficult because most of the classrooms are overcrowded. So many learners lag behind as their teachers cannot monitor their progress along ...