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    • Design and implementation of smart waste bin for office place 

      Haque, Md Fuad Fahimul; Monon, Seeam; Rahman, Tasnia; Rashid, MD Naimur (Brac University, 2023-04)
      The goal of this project is to create a smart bin that will enhance office space waste management systems by maintaining a clean office environment. A dual compartment design has been adopted - one for disposable and one ...
    • Programming a self-driving car 

      Hasdak, Onishim (BRAC University, 2015-08)
      Self-driving cars are autonomous vehicles that can drive through traffic all by themselves. As unbelievable or far-fetched as it may sound, it may just be the greatest technological revolution of the near future. It involves ...
    • Waste management system using RFID and ultrasonic sensor 

      Rahman, Md. Mafiur; Das, Nejhum Kanti; Rahat, Fardin Rizvy; Alif, Shamsul Arefin (Brac University, 2022-01)
      Bangladesh is a developing country, developing many different sectors of our country and countrymen although waste management quality is not very appreciable right now. We are introducing a smart waste management system. ...