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    • Multimodal human detection in disaster situations using deep learning & artificial intelligence 

      Rafat, Md. Tasbi; Hridy, Fahmida Ahmed; Zaman, Rafid Ibna; Santo, Hasibul Hassan; Siddique, Ibrahim (Brac University, 2022-09)
      Mankind has faced natural calamities for survival since the very beginning of human civilization. Even after 65 million years, mankind is still figuring out ways to face natural calamities and survive its post-consequences ...
    • Survival during economic shock: the role of firm experience 

      Kamal, Sifat; Kamal, Shawkat (Journal of State University of Bangladesh, 2010-07)
      Based on organizational ecology and other management theories, this paper aims at finding a relationship between organizational aging and firm survival during economic shocks. There is differing evidence on whether ...