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    • Estimating money demand function of Bangladesh 

      Alam Miah, Md. Habibul (BRAC University, 2011)
      Although money demand equations have been estimated for many western countries, yet only recently many researchers have investigated the demand for money in mixed economies like Bangladesh. Co-integration technique is ...
    • Multiparameter bifurcation and stability of solutions at a double eigenvalue 

      Bari, Rehana (BRAC University, 2004)
      This paper deals with some problems of bifurcation theory for general non-linear eigenvalue prob-lem for 2-dimensional parameter space. An explicit analysis of the bifurcation for 2-dimensional parameter space is done and ...
    • Stability of a chemostat model of two microorganisms 

      Hossain, A B M Shahadat; Podder, Chandra Nath (BRAC University, 2006)
      We studied stability analysis of a chemostat model of two microorganisms that incorporates both different response functions and we made a single code of the model using a computer algebra system (CAS) Mathematica for ...