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    • Effect of daylight saving time on Bangladesh power systems 

      Sarwar, Rashed; Ahmed, Khaza Moin-uddin; Chakrabartty, Rajib; Ahmed, Nisa (BRAC University, 2010-08)
      Load management is an usual practice to meet the increasing peak demand of electricity and is a common practice in western countries. Implementing daylight saving time (DST) is one option of Load Management which shifts ...
    • Efficiency of IPS and its effect on Bangladesh Power systems 

      Sarwar, Rashed (BRAC University, 2010-08)
      Shortage of energy has always been a part of our life for many years in Bangladesh. Every year, the situation becomes more and more dire. In order to adjust with this, a some of us procured Instant Power Supply (IPS) to ...
    • Modeling the energy consumption of a lift 

      Ahmed, Shamsuddin Shahnawaz; Iqbal, Asif P M; Sarwar, Rashed; Salam, Dr. Md. Sayeed (© 2014 Elsevier B.V., 2014)
      A semi-rigorous and generalized model has been developed to determine the electrical energy (Watt-hour) consumed by the motor of a typical lift in each step of an upward or a downward travel cycle. The model has been ...