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    • Environmental assessment guidelines for BRAC’s rural development programme 

      Child, Emma (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 1998-04)
      The study aimed to provide some guidelines for BRAC's fisheries and sericulture projects to minimise the negative environmental impacts. The methodologies described here are the simple EIA (Environmental Initial Assessment) ...
    • A study on BRAC's Palli Shamaj 

      Rashid, Ahmed Tareq; Alim, Md. Abdul (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 2005-09)
      Palli Shamaj is a ward-level organization consisting of representatives from several village organizations of BRAC and outside poor members. The study aims to depict a regional density mapping of geographical distribution ...
    • Sustainability assessment of BRAC's rural development programme: a pilot study 

      Rafi, Mohammad; Akther, Shahnuj (Research and Evaluation Division, Brac, 2000-09)
      This is a pilot study on the sustainability of BRAC Rural Development Prgoramme (RDP). As because of the short duration (I) the sustainability of social and economic aspects of RDP VOs and (2) the sustainability of AO ...