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    • Design of an electricity efficient street light system 

      Islam, Naimul; Lofi, Md. Nuhul Najiul Huda; Islam, Md Mohaiminul; Utsha, Md Saifur Rahman (Brac University, 2023-05)
      This project focuses on building an automated street light system where street lights would adjust their intensity based on the detection of objects in the streets with the help of motion detection sensors. In the current ...
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of sildenafil in traditional medicines and dietary supplements 

      Podder, Ashis Kumar; Chakrobarty, Jayanta Kishor; Faroque, A. B. M.
      Objective: Use of traditional medicines as aphrodisiac and sex stimulant products is a common phenomenon worldwide as well as in our country. In addition to that, in the name of dietary supplements, a number of urban people ...
    • A system for fair rickshaw fare measurement in Bangladesh 

      Tahsin, Prioty Anika; Tanni, Mehjabeen Afroz; Meshal, Mohaiminul Islam; Ejaz, Md. Mostaque Ahmed; Chowdhury, Md. Aosaf Ibad (Brac University, 2023-03)
      A rickshaw is a three-wheeled, environment-friendly, low-cost mode of transportation. They are one of the most efficient modes of transportation for moving people or goods across short to medium distances. The majority ...