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    • Bacteriophage mediated horizontal gene transfer 

      Das, Arpon Kumar (Brac University, 2021-11)
      Bacteriophages are viruses which infect and replicates within the bacterial cell. Bacteriophage refers ‘bacteria eater’ that means the bacteriophages kill their host cell because bacteriophage is a bacteria-infecting virus. ...
    • Horizontal gene transfer: an insight into antimicrobial resistance 

      Tanveer, Mahbubul Hoque; Rafa, Atihar Arzu; Sharma, Arnob; Islam, Tashfia (Brac University, 2022-10)
      Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which affects a variety of infectious pathogens, is a pivotal public health issue for many countries and corporations. Governments across the globe are starting to take heed of an issue ...
    • Horizontal transfer of antibiotic resistance between trans-gram bacteria in surface water of Dhaka city 

      Mostafa, Fariha Binte (Brac University, 2019-10)
      A global medical crisis has already started as antibiotics have started losing their effectiveness against the growing number of bacterial pathogens. Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) system has a great impact on this spreading ...