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    • An examination of the Big Bang Singularity using the matrix formulation of M-Theory 

      Husain, Sadat (BRAC University, 2020-09)
      M theory is a proposed quantum theory of everything which is connected to type IIA string theory via S duality. In its low energy limit, M theory is approximated by 11 dimensional supergravity. In this thesis, we look ...
    • Review and application of the BenderWu Mathematica Package 

      Ahsan, Tasni (Brac University, 2018-12)
      This thesis is the application of the BenderWu Mathematica package to di erent physical systems. The code was developed to calculate wave function and energy data of higher order perturbation theory in quantum mechanics. The ...
    • A two loop test of Matrix Big Bang Model 

      Shuvo, Md Shaikot Jahan (Brac University, 2020-06)
      In this thesis we expand the effective action for the Matrix Big Bang presented in [9, 10] and indicate the interaction terms. Then we compute the two loop effective potential of this Matrix Big Bang model. We show that ...