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    • Application of image processing in traffic control system & license plate detection 

      Islam, Aminul; Ahmed, Nafiz; Hasnain, Toaha; Tabassum, Iffat (BRAC Univeristy, 2017-08)
      A license plate detect system is one type of intelligent transportation system. It is a type of technology in which the software enables computer system to read automatically the license number plate of vehicle from ...
    • Augmented reality based flight assisting system under emergency circumstances 

      Islam, A.R.M. Rizwan; Era, Sadia Anjum; Joarder, Jubayed Islam; Islam, Md. Rafiu (Brac University, 2020-04)
      The number of aerial vehicles have continuously increased as our technology advances and will continue to increase. However, to fly any aerial vehicle manually, the person should have a thorough understanding of GPS ...
    • Automatic classified myocardial infarction detection using machine learning and forewarning system with location of the patient using GSM module 

      Shrestha, Soptorsi Paul; Amin, Md. Hasnatul; Faisal, MD. Amir; Alam, Syed Md. Jawadul (Brac University, 2021-09)
      Myocardial Infarction (MI) is a crucially leading reasons of huge mortality and modality all over the world. The prior reasons for most of the demise are delayed diagnosis and disrupted medical attention. Our endeavor ...
    • Automatic motorbike accident detection and notification system 

      Siam, S.M. Kayser Mehbub; Sumaiya, Khadiza Islam; Amin, Md. Rakib Al; Turjo, Tamim Hasan (Brac University, 2022-05)
    • Cloud based smart route system for blinds 

      Nijhum, Mushfikunnabi; Alam, Tasnim (Brac University, 2021-06)
      Safe and independent navigation in an unfamiliar environment is a difficult task for visually impaired individuals. Existing systems are unusable because these systems are not user-friendly and also expensive. The objective ...
    • A comparative study of traffic detection using Google map (GPS) and IoV 

      Alam, Mohd. Touhedul; Al Nayeem, Harun (Brac University, 2021-06)
      Everyone knows that time is money and nowadays people spend quite a large amount of time on the roads in their daily life. The reason behind this is nothing but ‘Traffic’. Traffic detection and navigation has gone through ...
    • Dynamic tra c management system via GPS and localization 

      Sadi, Sadman Hoque (BRAC University, 2017-08)
      Road intersections using tra c lights are the most common form of crossways that are used throughout the world. Mostly due to space limitations how- ever cities tend to be using intersections in road networks which are ...
    • Positive train control, command and communication 

      Mahfuz, Masharul Bin; Hossain, MD. Shakhawat (BRAC Univeristy, 2017)
      Proposal of Positive Train Control, Command and Communication for Bangladesh Railway is envisioned to prevent railway hazards with the usage of Obstacle detection at level crossings, monitor locations and activities of ...
    • Predictive location generation using machine learning approach 

      Hasan, S.A.M Khaled; Nahian, Shariar Al; Islam, Sakibul (BRAC University, 8/21/2017)
      Predicting future locations by analyzing past data is not new. Giants like Google, Yahoo or Amazon all use their own machine learning algorithms to generate it but these companies use the data for business purposes as a ...