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    • Analysing the glass ceiling and sticky floor effects in Bangladesh: Evidence, Eetent and elements 

      Faruk, Avinno (Springer Link, 2021-08-16)
      This article was published in SN Business & Economics. With deep-seated gender imbalances prevalent in Bangladesh, it is compelling to understand how those women, who do manage to get employed, are faring in terms of equity. ...
    • COVID-19’s Impact on Bangladesh Economy 

      Siddiquee, Muhammad Shahadat Hossain; Faruk, Avinno (BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), 2020-11)
      This BIGD study examines the impact of COVID-19’s impact on the major economic and financial indicators of the economy of Bangladesh, including production, wages, price levels, advances, bills, investments, remittances and ...