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    • Environment monitoring with smart sensing technology 

      Masud, Akram; Avik, Md. Asif Sarker; Sarker, Arnab; Sakib, Shadman (BRAC University, 8/21/2017)
      Environment pollution is a major concern in current development of civilization and many works are underway in order to tackle this issue by the science community. A Wireless Sensor Network using smart sensors to monitor ...
    • Flood monitoring and warning system for embankment using IoT 

      Dutta, Aparup; Roy, Sanchoy; Ahmed, Hatif Asrar (Brac University, 2021-12)
      In this advanced world of technology, Internet of Things (IoT) is an indispensable technology that can be used in various fields for solving real life problems. This study focuses one of the most important real-life issues ...
    • Portable environmental monitoring system 

      Ehsan, M. Samiul; Biswas, Shukla; Nawar, Anika; Siddiqua, Rumali (Brac University, 2019-04)
      In this modern world of 21st century, the development of new technologies is rapid than in the past. People are more concerned about new industries and businesses. As a result, environment has become less important to ...