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    • Governmentality and counter-hegemony in Bangladesh 

      Alam, S. M. Shamsul (© 2015 S. M. Shamsul Alam, 2016-01)
      Using Michel Foucault’s idea of governmentality, this book reinterprets various cases of revolt and popular uprisings in Bangladesh. It attempts to synthesize the theories of Foucault’s governmentality and Antonio Gramsci’s ...
    • Identity in flux: a comparative study of Manta and Beday 

      Shejuty, Nosin Nahian (BRAC Univeristy, 2018-07-11)
      Manta is one of the oldest traditional occupational communities who live in the southwest region of Bangladesh. This traditional occupational community lives on a boat which is severed as their own residence where they ...
    • Nogor Baul: fusion music in contemporary Bangladesh 

      Hosna, Asma Ul (Brac University, 2019-05-14)
      Nogor Baul who is also known as James, is a very important figure in our country. Through his great contribution he has made a special place in the hearts of the people. He flourished rock music in the context of Bangladeshi ...