Recent Submissions

  • Automatic will enabled system of multi-modal operation 

    Karim, Md. Risul; Waliullah, Syed Shaiyan Kamran; Kamal, Badruddin; Rhaman, Md. Khalilur; Khan, Mumit; Jamil, Insan Arafat (© 2013 IEEE, 2013)
    AWESOMMO(Automatic Will Enabled System of Multi-Modal Operation)uses Sony PS3 Eye image sensor for high speed image processing and a microphone for voice recognition commands. Armed with 3 degrees of freedom of operation, ...
  • Cognitive efficiency in robot control by Emotiv EPOC 

    Chowdhury, Pritom; Shakim, S. S. Kibria; Karim, Md. Risul; Rhaman, Md. Khalilur (© 2014 IEEE Computer Society, 2014-05)
    Brain Computer Interface (BCI) has opened a new era in the field of neuroscience. It has the potentiality to improve the quality of life of severely disabled patients. It allows them to regain the power of moving things ...