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  • Strategic gains of by-product marketing: a study on selected companies of Bangladesh 

    Khan, Tahsan Rahman; Forkan, Golam Mohammad (© 2012 International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management, 2012-07-02)
    Products that are produced during the production process of some other product are commonly known as by-products. In most manufacturing companies one or more by-products are produced along with the primary product. Some ...
  • How Earning Per Share (EPS) affects on share price and firm value 

    Khan, Tahsan Rahman; Islam, Md. Rashidul; Choudhury, Tonmoy Toufic; Adnan, Ashique Mahmood (© 2014 European Journal of Business and Management, 2014)
    Earnings per Share (EPS) is generally considered most important factor to determine share price and firm value. Literature shows that most of the individual investors take their individual investment decision based on the ...
  • Family businesses that produce counterfeits: what is stopping them from creating their own brand? 

    Khan, Tahsan Rahman (© 2012 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd, 2012)
    Established brands are prone to attacks by counterfeits, especially in emerging economies where trademark protection laws are loosely enforced. Businesses, usually family owned SMEs, which are engaged in this unscrupulous ...
  • Domestic and international trade liberalisation of the indian economy: domestic firms & MNCs response 

    Khan, Tahsan Rahman; Bashir, Md. Mamoon Al; Choudhury, Tonmoy Toufic; Adnan, Ashique Mahmood (International Affairs and Global Strategy, 2014)
    Over the past two decades trade liberalisation has become an important part of many countries development strategies. Winters L. A. (2004) describes trade liberalisation is the elimination of or reduction in the trade ...