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    • Determinants of age-specific undernutrition in children aged less than 2 years—the Bangladesh context 

      Choudhury, Nuzhat; Raihan, Mohammad Jyoti; Sultana, Sabiha; Mahmud, Zeba; Farzana, Fahmida Dil; Haque, Md Ahshanul; Rahman, Ahmed Shafiqur; Waid, Jillian L.; Chowdhury, Atique Mushtaque Raza; Black, Robert E.E.; Ahmed, Tahmeed J. (© 2017 Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2017-07)
      Globally, undernutrition affects nearly half of all children aged less than 5 years. It is more prominent in low- and middle-income countries. This study aimed to identify the age-specific risk factors for different ...
    • Examining the relationship between socioeconomic status, WASH practices and wasting 

      Raihan, Mohammad Jyoti; Farzana, Fahmida Dil; Sultana, Sabiha; Haque, Md Ahshanul; Rahman, Ahmed Shafiqur; Waid, Jillian L.; McCormick, Benjamin Joseph James; Choudhury, Nuzhat; Ahmed, Tahmeed J. (© 2017 Public Library of Science, 2017-03)
      Childhood wasting is a global problem and is significantly more pronounced in low and middle income countries like Bangladesh. Socio Economic Status (SES) and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices may be significantly ...
    • Impact of fortified biscuits on micronutrient deficiencies among primary school children in Bangladesh 

      Adams, Alayne M.; Ahmed, Rushdia; Latif, A. H. M. Mahbub; Rasheed, Sabrina; Das, Sumon K.; Hasib, Enamul; Farzana, Fahmida Dil; Ferdous, Farzana; Ahmed, Shahnawaz; Faruque, ASG (© 2017 Plos One, 2017-04-05)
      Background Micronutrient deficiencies can compromise the development potential of school-aged children, and their later health and productivity as adults. School feeding and school-based fortification approaches have been ...