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    • Estimated societal costs of stroke in the UK based on a discrete event simulation 

      Patel, Anita; Berdunov, Vladislav; Quayyum, Zahidul; King, Derek; Knapp, Martin; Wittenberg, Raphael (Oxford Academic, 2019-12-17)
      Background: there are around 100,000 new stroke cases and over a million people living with its consequences annually in the UK. This has large impacts on health and social care, unpaid carers and lost productivity. We ...
    • Exploring the relationship between inflation and economic growth: A panel data study on South Asia 

      Muzib, Kazi Maneeha (Brac University, 2022-07)
      Inflation and economic growth are two very important macroeconomic variables that stir a lot of interest. This paper explores the relationship between inflation and growth for six countries in South Asia, namely ...
    • Social capital and economic well-Being 

      Ameen, Farhad; Sulaiman, Munshi (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division and Aga Khan Foundation Canada, 2006-11)
      Sociologists and economists increasingly consider ‘social capital’ a valuable component in the asset endowment of households, improving productivity and enhancing economic well-being. Like physical and human capital, social ...