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    • Optical character recognition for Bangla documents using HMM 

      Monjel, Md. Sheemam; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007)
      In this paper we have described an OCR program made for Bangla documents. This program uses HMM for the recognition process. The description of full OCR program is too large to present here. So, we have given emphasis on ...
    • Research report on Bangla optical character recognition using Kohonen network 

      Shatil, Adnan Md. Shoeb (BRAC University, 2007)
      This report discusses the theory and implementation of an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Bangla. The principal idea is to convert images of text documents such as those obtained from scanning a document into ...
    • Research report on Bangla wordnet development challenges and solutions 

      Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007-10-08)
      We describe the initial design of Bangla WordNet (BWN), based on the English WordNet 2.2 distribution from Princeton University. Our goal is to develop a 5,000 entry Bangla WordNet over the next two years. At present, we ...
    • Research report on Bengali NLP engine for TTS 

      Alam, Firoj (BRAC University, 2008-04-07)
      This report describes the Bengali NLP processor for TTS, along with the challenges faced in developing the NLP processor.
    • Research report on Bengla lexicon 

      Hayder, Kamrul (BRAC University, 2007)
      We report on the compilation of a comprehensive Bangla word list lexicon. The current list contains 80,969 words from the Standard Chalita Bhasha (SCB) vocabulary. The word list is currently being used by the BRAC University ...
    • Research report on Bengla OCR training and testing methods 

      Hasnat, Md. Abul (BRAC University, 2007)
      In this paper we present the training and recognition mechanism of a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) based multi-font Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for Bengali character. In our approach, the central idea is to ...
    • Research report on Bengla tagged lexicon 

      Hayder, Kamrul; Islam, Md Zahurul; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007)
      This report describes the design and implementation of a Bangla tagged lexicon. The resulting lexicon contains 144,770 entries, out of which 58,145 are verbs. The tags used in the lexicon are reproduced here from a previous ...
    • Research report on Bengla tagset 

      Mahmud, Altaf; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007)
      This report describes the design of a POS tagset for Bangla, based on the Penn Treebank design. The resulting tagset contains 53 morpho-syntactic tags.
    • Research report on Bengla Verb and Noun Morphological analysis 

      Islam, Md. Zahurul (BRAC University, 2007)
      This report describes the inflection Bangla verb and noun morphology and rules, lexicons and grammar for Bangla morphological analysis.
    • Research report on parallel corpus translation challenges and processes 

      Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007-10-08)
      We describe some of the challenges in developing English-Bangla parallel corpora, and look some of the established processes used by other language corpora for solutions to some of these challenges.
    • Research report on Translations of gTLDs and ccTLDs in Bangla 

      Alam, Firoj; Habib, Murtoza; Hayder, Kamrul; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007-10-08)
      This report describes the initial translations of gTLDs and ccTLDs in Bengali, along with the challenges faced in creating the translations.
    • Skew angle detection of bangla script using radon transform 

      Habib, S. M. Murtoza; Noor, Nawsher Ahamed; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2006)
      Skew angle detection and correction an integral part of any OCR system. Without proper skew correction, the performance of an OCR will simply not be acceptable for most scanned images. We propose an innovative method for ...
    • A survey on script segmentation for Bangla OCR 

      Abduallah, Arif Billah Al-Mahmud; Khan, Mumit (Center for research on Bangla language processing (CRBLP), BRAC University, 2007)
      Script segmentation is an important primary task for any Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Especially, in case of off-line OCR for printed character, it has more importance. Through script segmentation a big ...
    • Syntactic part of speech tagging guidelines for Bangla text 

      Mahmud, Altaf; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2009)
      Recently, several techniques have been tested to automatically assign part-of-speeches to Bangla texts using different tag sets. But there is always a need for a standard tagset for Bangla that has been formally published ...
    • Text normalization system for Bangla 

      Alam, Firoj; Habib, S. M. Murtoza; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2008)
      This paper describes a process of text normalization system of Bangla language (exonym: Bengali) by identifying the semiotic classes from Bangla text corpus. After identifying the semiotic classes a set of rules were ...
    • Text to speech for Bangla language using festival 

      Alam, Firoj; Nath, Promila Kanti; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2007)
      In this paper, we present a Text to Speech (TTS) synthesis system for Bangla language using the opensource Festival TTS engine. Festival is a complete TTS synthesis system, with components supporting front-end processing ...