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    • Aspect-based sentiment analysis using SemEval and Amazon datasets 

      Hasib, Tamanna; Rahin, Saima Ahmed (BRAC University, 2017)
      Sentiment analysis has become one of the most important tools in natural language processing, since it opens many possibilities to understand people’s opinions on different topics. Aspect-based sentiment analysis aims to ...
    • Predicting stock market movement using sentiment analysis of twitter feed 

      Chakraborty, Pranjal; Rony, Rashad Al Hasan; Pria, Ummay Sani (BRAC University, 4/16/2017)
      Collecting opinions of mass people through the social networking sites has become easy and handy now-a-days. These opinions show the sentimental state of a large number of people, which, according to behavioral economics, ...