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    • JKimmo: A Multilingual computational mophology frame work for PC-KIMMO 

      Islam, Md. Zahurul; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2006)
      Morphological analysis is of fundamental interest in computational linguistics and language processing. While there are established morphological analyzers for mostly Western and a few other languages using localized ...
    • Morphological analysis of inflecting compound words in Bangla 

      Dasgupta, Sajib; Khan, Naira; Sarkar, Asif Iqbal; Pavel, Dewan Shahriar Hossain; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2005)
      The addition of inflectional suffixes in Bangla com-pound words is fairly complex. A compound is a word that is formed by two or more different words acting as a single entity. One of the key distinguishing features of ...
    • Research report on Bengla Verb and Noun Morphological analysis 

      Islam, Md. Zahurul (BRAC University, 2007)
      This report describes the inflection Bangla verb and noun morphology and rules, lexicons and grammar for Bangla morphological analysis.
    • A rule based approach for implementation of bangla to english translation 

      Rahman, Md. Khalilur; Tarannum, Narzu (© 2012 IEEE, 2013)
      An initiative to model a Bangla to English (B2E) translation using Natural Language Processing (NLP) was proposed in our previous research. Here we implemented the model with a lot of modifications. A very successful ...