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    • Low cost cylindrical lumen testing procedure in Bangladesh perspective 

      Khan, S. A.; Rahman, Rifat; Shabnam, Farah; Azad, Dr. Md. AKM Abdul Malek (© 2013 IEEE Computer Society, 2013)
      Due to having several Solar Home System components manufacturers, overall quality of LED lamps varies from organization to organization. This unstable quality is increasing with the number of SHS installation and thus the ...
    • Solar home system components qualification testing procedure and its effect in bangladesh perspective 

      Khan, S. A.; Rahman, Rifat; Azad, AKM Abdul Malek (© 2012 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2012)
      Bangladesh has seen a proliferation of Solar Home System (SHS) in Off-grid areas as a substitute for grid electricity. Along with the demand, supply of low quality SHS components is increasing resulting in decreased SHS ...