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    • An alternate to hawk eye using the graphics processing unit 

      Ehsan, Radin Ahmed (BRAC University, 2013-04-28)
      The more powerful and advanced our processing units become our hunger for more computation power increases. While we are pushing the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to its last limit in the hope to get more computational ...
    • High performance computing for large graphs of internet applications using GPU 

      Uddin, Jia; Oyekanlu, Emmanuuel; Kim, Cheol-Hong; Kim, Jong-Myon (© 2014 Science and Engineering Research Support Society, 2014)
      The high speed CPU based routers currently in use could not handle the massive data required for real-time multimedia communication. Graphics processing units (GPUs) offer an appreciable alternative due to high computation ...
    • Optimization techniques for speedup in a parallel algorithm 

      Faria, Fairuz; Obin, Tahmid Tahsan; Rahat, Shah Md. Nasir; Chowdhury, Tanzim Islam (BRAC University, 2017-12-26)
      For our thesis we study about conditions of a good parallel algorithm which greatly increases efficiency in a program, and show that it is possible to implement Lossless Data Compression using the Run Length Encoding ...