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    • Classi fication of motor imagery tasks based on BCI paradigm 

      Hossain, Nahid; Hasan, Bhuiyan Itmam; Mohona, Mahfuza Humayra; Noshin, Kantat Rehnuma (Brac University, 2019-09)
      Motor imagery tasks are mental processes by which individual practices a set of actions in their mind without actually performing the physical movements. Research in the motor imagery tasks allow us to acquire critical ...
    • EEG signals analysis for motor imagery brain computer interface 

      Rahman, La z Maruf; Alam, Zawad; Rahman, Md. Musta-E-Nur (Brac University, 2019-08)
      A brain{computer interface is a medium for communication which converts neuronal signals into commands towards controlling external system. This thesis presented the process of classifying three motor imagery tasks using ...