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    • Classi fication of motor imagery tasks based on BCI paradigm 

      Hossain, Nahid; Hasan, Bhuiyan Itmam; Mohona, Mahfuza Humayra; Noshin, Kantat Rehnuma (Brac University, 2019-09)
      Motor imagery tasks are mental processes by which individual practices a set of actions in their mind without actually performing the physical movements. Research in the motor imagery tasks allow us to acquire critical ...
    • Detection of mind wandering using EEG signals 

      Tasika, Nadia Jebin; Alam, Salwa; Rimo, Mohsena Begum; Haque, Mohtasim Al; Haque, Mohammad Hasibul (Brac University, 2020-01)
      Mind Wandering (MW) is the recurrent occurrence in which our mind gets disengaged from the immediate task and focused on internal trains of thought. In terms of intelligent interfaces MW can both have good as well as ...
    • EEG signals analysis for motor imagery brain computer interface 

      Rahman, La z Maruf; Alam, Zawad; Rahman, Md. Musta-E-Nur (Brac University, 2019-08)
      A brain{computer interface is a medium for communication which converts neuronal signals into commands towards controlling external system. This thesis presented the process of classifying three motor imagery tasks using ...