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    • Demystifying machine learning models for IOT attack detection with explainable AI 

      Muna, Rabeya Khatun; Maliha, Homaira Tasnim; Hasan, Mahedi (Brac University, 2021-09)
      Internet of things (IoT) dramatically is changing our lives with its newly invented devices and applications which leads to various emerging cybersecurity challenges or threats. The rapid growth of IoT arouses security ...
    • Exploring Alzheimer's disease prediction with XAI in various neural network models 

      Rahman, Quazi Ashikur; Shad, Hamza Ahmed; Asad, Nashita Binte; Bakshi, Atif Zawad; Mursalin, S.M Faiaz (Brac University, 2021-10)
      Using a number of Neural Network Models, we attempt to explore and explain the prediction of Alzheimer's in patients in various stages of the disease, using MRI imaging data. Alzheimer's disease(AD) often described as ...