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    • Coping strategies related to food insecurity at the household level in Bangladesh 

      Dil Farzana, Fahmida; Rahman, Ahmed Shafiqur; Sultana, Sabiha; Raihan, Mohammad Jyoti; Haque, Md Ahshanul; Waid, Jillian L.; Choudhury, Nuzhat; Ahmed, Tahmeed J. (© 2017 Public Library of Science, 2017-04)
      Introduction: In connection to food insecurity, adaptation of new techniques or alteration of regular behavior is executed that translates to coping strategies. This paper has used data from food security and nutrition ...
    • Determinants of age-specific undernutrition in children aged less than 2 years—the Bangladesh context 

      Choudhury, Nuzhat; Raihan, Mohammad Jyoti; Sultana, Sabiha; Mahmud, Zeba; Farzana, Fahmida Dil; Haque, Md Ahshanul; Rahman, Ahmed Shafiqur; Waid, Jillian L.; Chowdhury, Atique Mushtaque Raza; Black, Robert E.E.; Ahmed, Tahmeed J. (© 2017 Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2017-07)
      Globally, undernutrition affects nearly half of all children aged less than 5 years. It is more prominent in low- and middle-income countries. This study aimed to identify the age-specific risk factors for different ...