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dc.contributor.authorTaufique, Khan Md Raziuddin
dc.contributor.authorVocino, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorPolonsky, Michael Jay
dc.identifier.citationTaufique, K. M. R., Vocino, A., & Polonsky, M. J. (2017). The influence of eco-label knowledge and trust on pro-environmental consumer behaviour in an emerging market. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 25(7), 511-529. 10.1080/0965254X.2016.1240219en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in the Journal of Strategic Marketing [© 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.] and the definite version is available at: The Article's website is at:
dc.description.abstractConsumers are increasingly concerned about the negative environmental implications of purchasing goods, which in turn shape their behaviour. Yet, there are indications that consumers do not always act on these concerns, causing an attitude–behaviour gap. For consumers to make ecologically responsible purchases, they need relevant product environmental information. Therefore, marketers and firms are increasingly integrating more detailed environmental information in their offerings, including eco-labels with externally validated information. This study integrates consumers’ knowledge and trust in eco-labels with their environmental knowledge to determine how these affect pro-environmental consumer behaviour (PECB). The findings suggest environmental and eco-label knowledge is positively associated with attitudes towards the environment, and that positive environmental attitudes and trust in eco-labels affect PECB. This implies that firms, policy-makers and accreditation organisations (i.e. labelling) can educate consumers about eco-labels and the environment to increase PECB. Such strategies will also build consumer knowledge and trust in eco-labels, necessary for facilitating PECB.en_US
dc.publisher© 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.en_US
dc.subjectConsumer behaviouren_US
dc.subjectMarketing communicationen_US
dc.titleThe influence of eco-label knowledge and trust on pro-environmental consumer behaviour in an emerging marketen_US
dc.contributor.departmentBRAC Business School, BRAC University

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