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dc.contributor.authorSharif, Shahidullah
dc.identifier.citationSharif , S. (2014). Education and skill development of santal children and youth in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Education Journal, 07–26.en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in the Bangladesh Education Journal [© 2014 Bangladesh Education Journal ] and the article's url is at:
dc.description.abstractThis study explores education and skill development situation, needs, expectations, and challenges of Santal children and youth in Bangladesh. As a part of the study, focus group discussions (FGDs) with Santal children and youth and adults and key informant interviews along with documents review were conducted carefully. The data was analyzed and coded to identify themes from multiple perspectives of the data and across the data. A high percentage of children are dropped out from primary level; even from first grade. It continues step by step till the end of primary education level, junior secondary level and the secondary and the higher secondary level. The whole Santal community is dependent mostly on agricultural farming; most of them are day-laborers. There are no satisfactory vocational opportunities, TVET facilities and income generating scopes appropriate for them, which at present situation they can undertake after completion of different level of education or without education to get alternative option for being employed. Social exclusion of the Santal community is directly or indirectly liable for both the dropout problem and lack of skill development provision. As an impact of social exclusion, their equity in education and skill development are not properly addressed in the society. Therefore, this is essential to bridge child education through mother tongue-based to bi/multilingual education in primary school. The Government and international agencies should plan to consider necessary steps in education and initiate TVET services applicable for Santal youth along with allocate financial supports for their inclusive growth.en_US
dc.publisher© 2014 Bangladesh Education Journalen_US
dc.subjectSantal in Bangladeshen_US
dc.subjectBasic educationen_US
dc.subjectSkill developmenten_US
dc.titleEducation and skill development of santal children and youth in Bangladeshen_US

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