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dc.contributor.authorKaiser, M. Shamim
dc.contributor.authorShah, Raza Ali
dc.contributor.authorAhmed, Kazi M.
dc.identifier.citationShamim Kaiser, M., Shah, R. A., & Ahmed, K. M. (2011). Neuro-fuzzy based joint relay-selection and resource-allocation for cooperative networks. Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications, 9(1), 187-194.en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications [© 2011] The Journal's website is at:
dc.description.abstractThis paper focuses on a joint relay-selection and resource-allocation algorithm for an Amplify-and-Forward (AF) cooperative network. In a multiuser scenario, joint relay selection and power allocation is a combinational problem for heterogeneous, i.e., real time (RT) and non-real time (NRT), users. In single relay AF (S-AF) scheme, a source-destination pair selects best relay. Thus only two channels are needed (i.e., one for source-destination direct link and other one for the source-relay-destination indirect link) between a source-destination pair. We propose a NeuroFuzzy (NF) based optimal relay selection algorithm for selecting best relay based on link's signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), link's delay and degree of mobility between a source-destination pair. The available radio resources are then allocated sub-optimally to the RT and NRT users on priority basis. The priority parameter depends on Quality-of-service (QoS) requirement of the RT and NRT users. We deduce a close form expression of the moment-generating-function (MGF) for independent and non identical Rayleigh fading channels. Performance evaluations reveal that the proposed joint scheme has lower complexity and better outage behavior as compared to the conventional schemes.en_US
dc.publisher© 2011 Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communicationsen_US
dc.subjectMamdani-adaptiveneuro-fuzzy inference systemen_US
dc.subjectOutage probabilityen_US
dc.subjectRelay selectionen_US
dc.subjectResource allocationen_US
dc.titleNeuro-fuzzy based joint relay-selection and resource-allocation for cooperative networksen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, BRAC University

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