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dc.contributor.authorNaher, Hasibun
dc.contributor.authorAbdullah, Farah Aini
dc.contributor.authorMohyud-Din, Syed Tauseef
dc.identifier.citationNaher, H., Abdullah, F. A., & Mohyud-Din, S. T. (2013). Extended generalized riccati equation mapping method for the fifth-order sawada-kotera equation. AIP Advances, 3(5) doi:10.1063/1.4804433en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in the AIP Advances [© 1998 ] and the definite version is available at : The Journal's website is at:
dc.description.abstractIn this article, the generalized Riccati equation mapping together with the basic (G′/G)-expansion method is implemented which is advance mathematical tool to investigate nonlinear partial differential equations. Moreover, the auxiliary equation G′(φ) = h + f G(φ) + g G 2(φ) is used with arbitrary constant coefficients and called the generalized Riccati equation. By applying this method, we have constructed abundant traveling wave solutions in a uniform way for the Sawada-Kotera equation. The obtained solutions of this equation have vital and noteworthy explanations for some practical physical phenomena.en_US
dc.publisher© 2013 AIP Advancesen_US
dc.subjectArbitrary constantsen_US
dc.subjectAuxiliary equationsen_US
dc.subjectExpansion methodsen_US
dc.subjectGeneralized riccati equationsen_US
dc.subjectMathematical toolsen_US
dc.subjectNonlinear partial differential equationsen_US
dc.subjectPhysical phenomenaen_US
dc.subjectTraveling wave solutionen_US
dc.titleExtended generalized Riccati equation mapping method for the fifth-order Sawada-Kotera equationen_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, BRAC University

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