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dc.contributor.authorBasu, Ipshita
dc.identifier.citationBasu, I. (2011). Security and development - are they two sides of the same coin? investigating india's two-pronged policy towards left wing extremism. Contemporary South Asia, 19(4), 373-393. doi:10.1080/09584935.2010.537745
dc.descriptionThis article was published in Contemporary South Asia [ © 2011 Taylor and Francis Group] and the definite version is available at: The Article's website is at:
dc.description.abstractIn this article, I investigate India's two-pronged policy approach, which combines security and development intervention to address the root cause and symptoms of left wing extremism. While the two policy sets are meant for two very distinct policy subjects - the angry extremist and the neglected poor - I argue that in renewing state legitimacy against internal dissent, development goals are made to coincide with traditional security concerns for state survival and stability. In this article, I unpack three representations of the problem of left wing extremism - as terrorism, as a parallel regime and as a 'political disorder' - in relation to the particular policy responses they each advocate. Through these three representational frames, the effects that the security imperative has on the idea and practice of development are uncovered.
dc.publisher© 2011 Taylor & Francis
dc.subjectLeft wing extremism
dc.subjectPolitical conflict
dc.subjectRegional security
dc.titleSecurity and development - are they two sides of the same coin? Investigating India's two-pronged policy towards left wing extremismen_US
dc.contributor.departmentBRAC Institute of Governance and Development, BRAC University

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