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    • Bangla-specific study of English Monophthongs 

      Hasan, S. M. Mohibul (© 2013 BRAC University Journal, 2013)
      The non-phonetic nature of English spelling leads to unpredictable pronunciation. Thus, Bangla-speaking learners of English mispronounce English monophthongs--short and long vowels as contrasted with diphthongs--since they ...
    • The semantics of progressive aspect: a thorough study 

      Flora, Mousume Akhter; Hasan, S.M. Mohibul (© 2012 Stamford Journal of English, 2012)
      In English grammar, verbs have two important characteristics--tense and aspect. Grammatically tense is marked in two ways: Present and Past. English verbs can have another property called aspect, applicable in both present ...