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dc.contributor.authorHasan, Md. Kamrul
dc.identifier.citationHasan, M. K. (2012). Quality of primary health care services in rural Bangladesh: patients’ perspectives. OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, 03(08), 69–78.en_US
dc.descriptionThis article was published in OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development [© 2012 Ontario International Development Agency, Canada] and the definite version is available at : The article website is at:
dc.description.abstractA key aim of the health policy of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has been to provide quality health services to all its citizens. In line with the policy objective, the GoB has adopted the primary health care (PHC) approach as a health development strategy. Inspired by the Alma Ata Declaration on PHC, the GoB health policy and programmes aim at ensuring “health for all” (Perry, 2000), with special focus on rural population and the poor. There is now a common mistrust of the public health services in the country and the perceived poor quality of health services push the higher socio-economic groups to seek health services abroad (Mahdy, 2009). I used a narrative interview method to better understand the user perspectives on the quality of PHC to register patients’ voices missed in previous predominantly quantitative studies (e.g., Sohail, 2005). Data for the research came from 10 ex-patients who sought primary health services in a health centre in a sub-district in Bangladesh. This paper demonstrates that lack of adequate health professionals, misuse of resources, provider absenteeism, provider-centric consultations result in patient dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness of services. I argue that there is a need for proper maintenance of resources, better monitoring and supervision and address process-related quality issues to ensure better quality health services for the rural people.en_US
dc.publisher© 2012 Ontario International Development Agency, Canadaen_US
dc.subjectPrimary health careen_US
dc.subjectQuality of health careen_US
dc.subjectRural healthen_US
dc.subjectNarrative methoden_US
dc.titleQuality of primary health care services in rural Bangladesh: patients’ perspectivesen_US

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