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    • Center for training and rehabilitation of destitute women 

      Ahmed, Samia (Brac University, 2019-08)
      Mymensingh is one of the poorest region in our country and their women have been struggling for a long period to establish their rights in family, society and in the state. The project “Center for Training and Rehabilitation ...
    • Rehabilitation & training center for destitute children, Gazipur, Konabari 

      Bithi, Sabrina Sarker (BRAC University, 2019)
      Homeless children who live on the streets and children affected by extreme poverty has become a very sensitive issue of all over the world. It is now reached such an extreme level that sheltering and training them become ...
    • গর্ভ: Rehabilitation center for sex workers of Bangladesh 

      Masud, Nikita (Brac University, 2017-08)
      Around 200,000 women operate as sex workers in Bangladesh. There are 20 brothel villages in the country where prostitution is legal and the number of illegal settlements is undetermined. Many NGOs estimate that most of the ...