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Browsing Thesis (Bachelor of Architecture Program) by Subject "Bangladesh"

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  • Zahan, Tasnima (BRAC University, 2016)
    Shipping industry is the driving force behind communication and trade from the earliest of time and presently shipbuilding industry is becoming the largest foreign exchange earning sector for maritime countries worldwide. ...
  • Rahman, Hasanur (BRAC University, 2017-01)
    Langalbandh is situated in the bank of the Old Brahmaputra River near the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The place is only 20km south of the capital, Dhaka. 2km alongside bank of this part of the river is considered holy by the ...
  • Tabassum, Anika (BRAC University, 2016)
    It is expected that Bangladesh, in addition to four other countries in the Asian region, will be home to majority of the elderly population of the world within the next three decades. Likewise, decrease in mortality ...
  • Shadman, Saqif (BRAC Univeristy, 2016)
    Creativity is the idea that comes from mind of a person according to his limitation where limitations are set by his experience, practice, knowledge, talent and wisdom. The boundary of creativity is only in a person's ...
  • Haque, Md Injamul (BRAC University, 2016)
    The people of this nation were always avid lovers and supporters of sports. The nation bursts with exuberating energy and color whenever the FIFA or ICC World Cup occur. Football was vastly viewed and enjoyed by the people ...

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